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Amazon cruises

Мы всегда можем предлжить вам индивидуальные туры в любою точку мира на ваш вкус.
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Amazon riverboats

The expedition riverboats & cruise ships we use to explore the Amazon are furnished to deliver the ultimate nature travel experience.

Apart from having great facilities and offering you creature comforts, our Amazon riverboats are crafted to create a research and learning ambience. We have put strong emphasis on exterior deck space, hammock terraces and viewing platforms - your expedition boat is the perfect viewing platform from where you will se what goes on at the riverbanks.

Our riverboats are specialized watercraft (vessel) designed for operating on inland waterways. Each part of the Amazon waterways present their characteristics for which we have crafted the boats to easily navigate the varying water flows, changing siltation patterns and shallow waters. Our boats have a shallow draft and are broad of beam and rather square in plan to help reach remote trails in search of wildlife.

Navigation on the Amazon and its tributaries is quite smooth there are no high winds or large waves that are seen on large lakes, seas or oceans. There is few worries regarding motion sickness. This gives you peace of mind when selecting a smaller ship to accommodate your groups privacy needs.

Riverboats provide authentic passenger and cargo transport — something a traveler (as opposed to a tourist) would consider for transport, Amazon cruises has added several comfort features to accommodate both: air conditioned rooms, hot running water and cozy social areas (in most vessels).

The vessels are modernly built or refurbished and well skippered with the best crew and captains. The crew is experienced and friendly, together with a competent international expedition and hotel staff they will make your stay on board the more enjoyable.

On board you will be in company of scientists and seasoned naturalist guides who will enjoy sharing thier knowledge about the natural history of the Amazon basin. There will be many lecture programs with an educational focus on birdlife, vegetation, mammals, reptiles, landscapes and other natural history topics.

All boats are equipped with inflatable zodiac rafts or dinghy craft, these will take you to the trail heads for your guided shore excursions and on mini cruises among river dolphins, manatees and around lakes, small creeks and marshes.

Every vessel is equipped with state of the art navigation equipment and meets the highest safety standards. We are obsessed with quality and surpassing all security needs for your peace of mind and tranquility.


Мы всегда можем предлжить вам индивидуальные туры в любою точку мира на ваш вкус.
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Iberostar Grand Amazon 5* (2005) (Brazil)
Amazon Clipper Cruis (Brazil)
Reina de Enin (Bolivia)
Desafio Amazon Cruise (Brazil)
Explorer Amazon expedition ship (Brazil)
Santana yachts (Brazil)
Amazon Expedition Cruises by M/Y Tucano (Brazil)
Manatee Amazon Explorer riverboat (Ecuador)
Amazon Journey (Peru)
Jungle Expeditions (Peru)
Rio Amazonas (Peru)
M/V Arca (Peru)
Amazon Explorer (Peru)
Harpy Eagle boat
Victoria Amazonica boat
Amazon Nut Safaris
Iate Santana

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