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Круизы по реке Янцзы в роскошном стиле.

No trip to China is complete without a cruise on the world-famous, spellbinding Yangtze River and our five-star cruises do not disappoint. Owners of the prestigious and only official five-star cruise ships in China, the m/s East King, the Orient Royal Cruise Company is one of the few leading western-oriented cruise operators to course the mighty Yangtze. Charting exclusive 3 and 4 night itineraries through the spectacular Three Gorges between Yichang and Chongqing, our river trips promise unparalleled adventure, combining unabashed luxury with majestic scenery and fascinating cultural attractions. Cruise history, the renovation program has set a new standard of luxury on the Yangtze River.

Business leaders like Bill Gates, Warren Buffet and Gerald Levin, among the few, are all one in choosing East King for their memorable journey to these unique wonders.

Why not choose what Bill Gates chose. Come and enjoy the spectacular new look of the Three Gorges and Orient Royal Cruise!


"East King "
"East Queen"

Both East King and Queen are among the finest deluxe ships operating on Yangtze River . Many celebrities like Dr. Henry Kissinger, Mr. Bill Gates, Mr. Warren Buffet and Mr. Gerald Levin had a wonderful cruise and highly praised their excellent services.

Fact sheet:

Year built: Sep.1994 (King), April 1995 (Queen)
Passenger Capacity: 160 (EK), 176 (EQ)
Length (ft): 300
Beam (ft): 54
Stateroom (Standard) (sq ft): 188
Star-Rating: 5


Newly built in 1994 and 1995 in the tradition of world-renowned ship builders.
Equipped with the finest navigational equipment available.
Specially designed to American specifications for the utmost in comfort and safety.
Two separate and distinct double hulls, nestled together below deck, ensure safe passage through rocky shoals.
Ecologically compliant.
Built with fire-resistant walls and heat-sensitive sprinkler systems.
Equipped with state of the art satellite communications.
Regular maintenance enables year-round operation.

Both the "East King "and the "East Queen" have Finland made diesel engines (Arsela 8R 22126), widely recognized as one of the best medium speed engines in the world. At least 65% of the luxurious interiors are imported from Europe and America . The navigation system is supplied by the Japanese firm-FUR UNO and the satellite communications by the Norwegian Firm EB. The Danish "Hi-Pres" air-conditioning ensures a comfortable temperature of around 220C in every corner onboard.

With careful designs and elaborate equipment, both ships provide international standard of comfort and service unmatched on the river. Guests can enjoy the high-level service while viewing the spectacular scene of Three Gorges.

Superior hardware combined with the excellent hotel service has earned both the "East King " and the "East Queen" the coveted reputation of "Best Cruise ships on the Yangtze River".


Мы всегда можем предлжить вам индивидуальные туры в любою точку мира на ваш вкус.
Вы можете сделать заявку здесь


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