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China Regal Cruises

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"Best Cruise Company 2002" -Travel Weekly

Now cruise the magnificent Yangtze with China Regal Cruises, the pride of the river.

The Royal cruises EAST KING and YANGTZE EXPLORER are two of the most luxurious ships sailing the Yangtze river. All 80 outside cabins , feature big panorama windows, are fully equipped to the highest standard and are with 166 square feet the largest on the river. Cruises through the famous Three Gorges last 3 days and start downstream in Chongqing to Yichang, or upstream in Yichang to Chongqing. The trip covers the most beautiful portion of the river, which will be permanently changed with the completion of the Yangtze River Dam in 2005. Spectacular scenery and several included land excursions make this trip a memorable event of a life time.

China Regal Cruises is the ONLY Yangtze River cruise company to be recognized with an award from Travel Weekly. Helping us achieve this coveted "Best Cruise Company 2002" award is the fact that we hire and professionally train our crews to the highest standards, unlike other cruise companies, which lease both ships and workers.

China Regal Cruises offers you a floating luxury hotel with the highest standards for the most discriminating traveler. This is the ideal platform for viewing the many outstanding geological, historical, and technical wonders to be found along the Yangtze, many of which can ONLY be seen and ALL of which can best be seen from a vessel on the river.

The German-built Princess Jeannie, Princess Elaine and Princess Sheena are the only Yangtze ships designed and manufactured abroad. Their state-of-the-art engineering and stabilizers make for quiet journeys and virtually motionless passages.

Exciting, Historic Destinations:
At 6380 kilometers, the Yangtze is the world's third-longest river and offers some of the most exciting travel destinations and natural wonders anywhere on earth. People worldwide come to marvel at the picturesque Three Gorges and the Lesser Gorges as well as one scenic and historic destination after another, including the spectacular Three Gorges Dam, the largest in the world.
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We'll Help You See ALL of China!

China Regal Cruises is your company for the highest quality Yangtze River cruises. What's more, in cooperation with our travel partners, we can create any China itinerary for you. Just tell us what you'd like. While the stunning Yangtze River and its magnificent gorges are the crown jewels, there are many other fabulous destinations that should be included as part of every China travel experience. We'll help you get there.

Флот компании:

Идентичные корабли
Princesses Jeannie, Princess Elaine, and Princess Sheena

Каждый корабль имеет
10 suites,
14 single cabins,
122 doubles

Fact sheet:
Built By: Elbewerft Boizenberg , Germany
Built year: Nov. 1993
Capacity: 258
Length (ft): 425
Beam (ft): 52
Gross Tonnage: 5936T
Draft (ft): 9.5
Stateroom (Standard) (sq ft): 75
Star-Rating: 5 star


Мы всегда можем предлжить вам индивидуальные туры в любою точку мира на ваш вкус.
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